Resynergi focuses on the global problem of waste plastics.

The company provides and services modular, low emission, plastic-to-hydrocarbon oil conversion systems that recycle chemically valuable plastics to create fuels that are environmentally friendly with both low carbon and low sulfur. 

Our systems are easy to deploy, scalable, and highly cost and energy efficient.


THE FACTs about plastic

  • In 2012 only 9% of all waste plastic was recycled

  • Annual cost to haul the waste plastic to landfill is around $2 billion

  • About 2 trillion tons of plastic sit in US landfills or 12% of all landfill Space

  • Plastics are a significant source of global pollution



What we are doing

Using low-emissions pyrolysis we are able to process traditionally non-recycled plastics

into highly profitable fuel.


WHere we are going

In an article by the American Chemistry Council, it is suggested that the United States alone could support up to 600 major Plastics-to-Oil Facilities!


RESYNERGI is currently operating out of Washington and California.

The primary research and development center is located near Santa Rosa, CA in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area